Life is better with music and we are so excited to bring you a series of free online sessions, workshops and warm-ups!

With the current changes we are launching this page as an online resource full of tools for all of our students to practice at home. 

Some of our classes are also available via Zoom – please contact us if you would like to join up!


We love making music!
We graciously accept any tips which allow us to continue making music in our community - please follow the links below 



Vocal Warm Ups

Vocal Warm Up - With Codi
Vocal Warm Up with Codi

Music with Caroline (ages 0-5)

Episode 1
Singing and Action Songs with Caroline
Episode 1
Instrument Making with Caroline

Theatre and Drama

The Four Word Adventure with Codi

The 4 Word Adventure.

Please enjoy, and send us your responses!

The 4 Word Adventure - practice words:

1. Dancing, Horse, Kmart, Spaceship.

2. Skiing, dinosaur, Golf Course, Shoe.

3. Skipping, Grandma, The Park, A Skateboard.


Fun Activities

Drawing Blindfolded Challenge with Dakota

Chat to us!